Purpose of the Happiness Course

The Purpose of this course is to give you the knowledge and tools that would help you achieve greater happiness for yourself and others.
After completing this course and sending the completed lessons to us you would get The Way to Happiness Course Graduate certificate.

In the Happiness Course, you’ll learn:

  • The 21 common-sense precepts comprising The Way to Happiness
  • How to use them in your everyday life to improve your happiness
  • How to share The Way to Happiness with others to further increase your survival potential, and theirs

The Happiness Course – The Way to Happiness Foundation India

The Happiness Course – The Way to Happiness Foundation India

The Happiness Course – The Way to Happiness Foundation India

We are committed to making a change using The Way to Happiness—a common sense guide to better living. Non-religious and unbiased, The Way to Happiness has earned accolades from schoolchildren, teachers, educators, principals, professors, governors, mayors, doctors, nurses, lawyers, parsons and priests who have used the precepts of this book, and so helped others to lead decent, honest and happier lives.

As a result of similar campaigns, the people world over—from heads of state, mayors and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, to doctors, lawyers, local business leaders and community heads—are now using The Way to Happiness to reverse the current moral decline. The task of helping to revitalize an entire culture requires a worldwide organization with the purpose to place The Way to Happiness into the hands of every person on Earth. To carry out that mission in India, The Way to Happiness Foundation India was established. Acting as a resource centre in India and to assist the public with distribution projects bringing about needed changes in businesses, communities and entire regions, the Foundation is supported by a growing network of The Way to Happiness India chapters that forward the book into circulation across all sectors of society. To date some 100 million copies of The Way to Happiness have been distributed in more than 110 languages and in over 190 countries. The Way to Happiness Foundation India is a not-for-profit organization registered with the Govt. of India and is Exempted u/s 12A/12AA & 80G (5) (vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Its Registered Office is at 602-E, Ward No.3, Mehrauli, New Delhi-110030.

The Happiness Course